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is an online Pacific portal, sharing Island love, life and laughter around the world...


Using multiple digital platforms is the one stop shop for kiwi-islanders to understand the culture, lingo, dance, songs, FAQ'd legends and history of their Poly parents.


An interactive online experience made by Pacificans for Pacificans, the site plays out weekly Webisodes, inviting the audience to send in their own uploads, photos and Pacific experiences.


Featuring the cream of Pacific crop comedic/acting and musical talent. The site hosts an interactive travel map for global Pacificans, a 3D Pacific history timeline, animated Pacific legends, and featured writers from around the region.


We have created the bones of an online Pacific universe that the audience fills with their own Pacific stories, so get amongst it! Comment, connect and contribute your stories of how to operate the Pacific way in the modern day #KeepItCoco


Funded by NZ on Air, offers up a new playout platform for moving images in the Pacific!


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