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‘Vaka’ - voyaging the great seas, navigating by the stars and connecting our necklace of Pacific Islands.

Fresh housewives of South Auckland is a mini dramady featured on Fresh TV, get to know the Freshest Housewives in Auckland

'My World' Profile piece on the talented RugbyUnion/Rugby League superstar SBW.

FRESH Episode 16, Season 3. Hosted by Robbie Magasiva. Here, Pani catches up with Jason Momoa at Armegeddon


The coconut is known as the fruit or tree of life for its refreshing juice and nourishing flesh housed within the shell. This tale tells the legend of how the coconut and coconut tree came to be with the beautiful story of Sina & the Tuna

The hilariously popular Poly duo Pani & Pani go on the search for Mr Lava Lava...

Want to learn how to Siva Samoa? Maryjane is here to school you on steps to a fabulous Siva Samoa. 

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